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 - The new high-volume SMS solution for portals, news brokers and business applications. Free software, no setup fees. Competitive pricing: Pay a small fee per message.

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We also provide high-volume targeted SMS deliveries. Competitive pricing: Time and volume independent.

For further information please contact our Key Account Management.


The activation of the SMSBOOSTER is free of charge. There is no basic monthly fee to run the service. There is no limit of running time. The price per SMS is different, depending on the volume you are ordering. You will order the SMS volumes always in advance. Please have a close look at our price tables to get more information.


You have the possibility to send SMS to more then 100 countries with the SMSBOOSTER. We have very good roaming to all these countries. You decide, which countries will be active in your personal SMSBOOSTER settings. You may activate all countries and mobile networks or just some of them.
Our recomendation: If you want to offer the SMSBOOSTER to your website visitiors, it makes sense to activate the surrounding countries and mobile networks.


It's on you to decide, which layout the SMSBOOSTER will have. We offer some basic layouts and colors to choose. There are some basic templates available.


You have the possibility to define a SMS footer. The short text will be at the end of each message sent with your SMSBOOSTER. It is an ideal way to promote information about your own private or commercial website or any other information and sponsor.


A character counter may be activated optional. He helps to count the remaining characters while writing a message. Please remember, each SMS has a maximum of 160 characters (incl. text and footer).


The account statistic shows dates and volumes of SMS that have been sent. It is possible to get the volumes of every day. In case of problems, it is also shown, from which clients IP number the message came.


The balance shows you the amount of messages that you still own. There is the possibility to get an e-mail, when your balance will reach a certain limit. You may define this limit in your personal settings of the SMSBOOSTER.


After a message has been sent, the user will be forwarded to a simple ok.html page or the error.html page. If everything was o.k., the user will be forwarded to the ok.html page, if an error occurs, he will be sent to the error.html page. These two pages will be placed on your server with your corporate design. It are static pages without special functionalities or scripts. Soon we will provide examples of these pages. If you need additional information, please contact our support.


Our support will help you, if there are any unsolved issues or additional questions. Please have a look at our FAQ too. Most problems and questions will be solved, reading them.


Shortly we will provide the possibility to send SMS directly on the website, withou the need to install the code on your personal website. You may send then your personal messages directy on In this case you need just to login and then you have full access to your message center. This may help you, if you don't own a personal webpage to place the code.

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Check out our step by step documentation, success guaranteed! No special software needed; get your SMS center online without programming knowledge.

Our pricing system is easy! No setup costs, no maintanance fees, no fixed costs at all. You simply pay for the SMS volume at a very low margin.

Add a SMS portal to your website. The perfect marketing instrument to improve website retention. Established users will also enjoy the service. Create your individualized advertisement, sponsoring texts or simply greetings in the SMS footers.

Our unique offer: No additional costs to send SMS to more than 100 countries. You decide which mobile network you want to activate.