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 - The new high-volume SMS solution for portals, news brokers and business applications. Free software, no setup fees. Competitive pricing: Pay a small fee per message.

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We also provide high-volume targeted SMS deliveries. Competitive pricing: Time and volume independent.

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On this page we give you answers to the most relevant issues and problems. If you don't find an answer to a problem, please contact our support for further information.


Why do I need a username and a password?
For clear authorization and access to your secure personal account. As username we take always your personal email address. This will help us also to have it easier to contact you in case of a problem.
What do I pay for the SMSBOOSTER?
There is no setup fee or another basic fee. You pay just transaction based for every sent SMS. The payment has to be done in advance by using our secure online credit card application (SSL). You have all the time realtime access to the daily and overall SMS balance.
Why do you bill in advance?
To reduce handling costs of invoicing and to give a fast access to a modern and efficient application. The price per SMS is oriented on the volume that you pay in advance. The more you order, the better price you get.
How secure is the online payment by credit card?
The transaction is very secure. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for secure data transmission.
How do I get support?
For technical support or questions to our marketing please us the folling contact addresses.
How do I change my personal settings or have a look to my personal SMSBOOSTER balance?
Just login with your personal username and password. After the login you have full access to your account information and to your personal SMSBOOSTER settings. You may change your settings at any time.
Is there the possibility to set up more then one SMSBOOSTER?
Please be aware, that we support due to security issues only one (1) SMSBOOSTER per account.
If you want to activate more then one SMSBOOSTER, please register again with a new email address.
Do I need additional software to set up the SMSBOOSTER?
You don't need additional software! Just login in and follow our instruction to set all program options step by step online. Afterwards it generates automatically your personal SMSBOOSTER HTML code. You need then just to copy/paste the code into your own homepage.
JavaScript has to be activated!
If a visitor wants to use all offered features, JavaScript has to be activated in his browser. Please check your own browser settings and ask your visitors for their settings if they have a problem using all features. (Options: activate JavaScript).
Who has access to my SMSBOOSTER?
You decide, who has access to your SMSBOOSTER. If you place the SMSBOOSTER on a public page of your website. All will be granted and be able to send SMS. If you place the SMSBOOSTER on an intranet page, just you or your departement will be able to use SMSBOOSTER.
How many countries are supported? - Which roamings are activated?
The SMSBOOSTER covers more then 100 countries. While the setup of the service, you will be asked for the countries and networks that you want to activate. Later, you may change this settings at any time if necessary. Just login to your personal account to do that.
Do I need to register by e-mail, mail or fax?
No! Registration, activation and settings will be done online.

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Check out our step by step documentation, success guaranteed! No special software needed; get your SMS center online without programming knowledge.

Our pricing system is easy! No setup costs, no maintanance fees, no fixed costs at all. You simply pay for the SMS volume at a very low margin.

Add a SMS portal to your website. The perfect marketing instrument to improve website retention. Established users will also enjoy the service. Create your individualized advertisement, sponsoring texts or simply greetings in the SMS footers.

Our unique offer: No additional costs to send SMS to more than 100 countries. You decide which mobile network you want to activate.